OnDemand major transfer points

OnDemand provides transit service to Fort Erie, Grimsby, Lincoln, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Port Colborne, Wainfleet and West Lincoln. It also provides connections to transfer points throughout the region:

From these transfer points, riders arriving on OnDemand can board conventional transit using a transfer and travel elsewhere within Niagara. Riders arriving at those hubs on conventional transit service can connect with OnDemand using a transfer to travel to the other Niagara communities.

For example, a rider can board an OnDemand vehicle in Grimsby, transfer to a Niagara Region Transit bus at the St. Catharines Bus Terminal, and travel to the Outlet Collection at Niagara - all for just the one Niagara Region Transit fare.

The average wait time for a ride is 30 to 60 minutes. If another rider joins your trip, your trip could be extended up to 20 minutes.

Travelling between Port Colborne and Fort Erie

Riders looking to travel between Port Colborne and Fort Erie will need to use the Fort Erie Transfer Point stop - located at the corner of Dominion Road and Ridge Road to transfer between OnDemand and Fort Erie On-Demand Transit. Learn more.

Information by city / town

Learn about routes and schedules, hours of operation and ticket locations.

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