Charter Bus Services

Niagara Region Transit provides transportation solutions with its charter bus services, ideal for a range of functions from corporate gatherings to charitable events.

Consider the following when requesting charter service:


Consider the following to decide the number of buses required:

  • Conventional 40' bus: 36 seats, Maximum passengers with standing 75
  • Articulated 60' bus: 60 seats, Maximum passengers with standing 110


Book at least two (2) weeks before the event to ensure availability.

Booking Process

Submit a Charter Request Form with all essential details, such as the event date, duration, pickup and drop-off points, and any specific needs. All requests are subject to Niagara Region Transit's approval.


We aim to provide accessible transport options. Please specify if you have any accessibility requirements.

Before sending your request, review the Terms & Conditions thoroughly. For more details or help, contact our Charter Services team at

Terms & Conditions

  • Charters must be arranged by someone 18 or older.
  • All rentals are subject to bus availability.
  • Niagara Region Transit's policies and conditions.



Our charter service policy is designed to address the demand for private event transportation while ensuring our regular operations remain unaffected. In support of community engagement, we may consider fee waivers on an individual basis.


All community groups and organizations wishing to utilize an NTC vehicle and operator for their event fall under the purview of this policy.


The General Manager oversees policy oversight, while the Transit Operations staff handles the charter requests. The NTC retains the right to adjust charter arrangements to suit operational needs.

Service Availability

Charters depend on resource availability and may be cancelled with notice, especially in emergencies or unexpected operational challenges.

Financial Considerations

Charters are billed based on current operational costs, including fuel prices, with rates revisited annually. Organizations can apply for a fee waiver, which is reviewed and granted following a set procedure.

Application Process

Applications for charter services and fee waivers are detailed in the attached forms and should be submitted via the specified channels.

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