Snow Clearing

During winter, Niagara Region Transit is dedicated to keeping our routes and stops clear of snow and ice, ensuring you can rely on NRT regardless of weather.

Safe Winter Travel

NRT's Snow and Ice Clearing Strategy

  • The Niagara Transit Commission employs 3rd party contractors to clear 1,742 bus stops across the region.
  • These stops are cleared in a priority list based on ridership levels of the various stops (high-volume stops will be cleared first)
  • Contractors may wait 24 hours after a snowfall to start clearing the bus stops, as this gives time for the roads to get cleared first; this reduces the chance of plows burying the stops again.
  • Contractors are responsible for keeping the stops salted/sanded during icy conditions.


Location Who is responsible When snow clearing happens
Bus Stops 3rd Party Contractors Starting 24 hours after a snow event; can take up to 72 hours
Transit Terminals Niagara Region Starting 24 hours after a snow event; can take up to 72 hours
Sidewalks Cleared by the business, property owner or the relevant city. Within 24 hours for property owners, within 48 hours for cities

Snow Clearing Form

If it has been more than 72 hours since a snow event, and you notice a stop that hasn't been cleared yet, please use this form to let us know.

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