Etiquette Essentials for Transit Riders

Etiquette and rules for riding Niagara Region Transit help ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for everyone on board.

Here are some guidelines to follow 🠗

Wait Your Turn

Form a line or queue at the bus stop or station and wait your turn to board.

Offer Priority Seating

Give your seat to pregnant individuals, seniors, people with disabilities, or anyone needing a seat.

Offer Assistance

If you see someone struggling with bags or a stroller, offer to help if you can do so safely.

Move to the Rear

If the vehicle is crowded, move to the back to allow others to get on.

Don't Block Aisles or Doors

Move away from doors and don't block aisles to allow easy boarding and exiting.

Keep Conversations Quiet

Speak in hushed tones or use headphones to decrease noise levels, especially during early morning or late-night trips.

Don't Take Seats With Your Bags

If the bus is empty, it's not a big deal, but when other passengers need a place to sit please put your bags on your lap.

No Feet on Seats

Keep your feet off seats to maintain cleanliness and to make seats available for other passengers.

No Loud Music

Use headphones when listening to music or watching videos. Keep the volume low to avoid disturbing others.

No Eating/Drinking

Avoid eating food or drink on the bus, as strong smells can bother fellow passengers, and spills can happen on a moving vehicle.

No Littering

Dispose of trash in designated bins or take it with you. Keep the transit vehicle clean.

No Smoking or Vaping

Public transit vehicles and stations are designated as no-smoking areas.

Public transit is a shared space; ensure a pleasant journey for all by being courteous and considerate to fellow passengers.

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