Niagara Region Transit to conduct transit fare Proof-of-Payment blitz, introduces NRT Cares initiative

Beginning today Niagara Region Transit will undertake a Proof-of-Payment blitz in an effort to reduce fare evasion.

All passengers travelling on Niagara Region Transit must carry valid Proof-of-Payment and should have it handy in case they are required to show it. Valid fare includes:

  • An NRT fare card loaded with a valid pass or transfer
  • A valid ticket/transfer
  • A student card with a valid U-Pass
  • Prepaid fares
  • Mobile tickets/transfer

When getting on a bus, any riders paying in cash should ask for a transfer as Proof-of-Payment.

Niagara Region Transit has partnered with Niagara Region Community Services to introduce NRT Cares, a program dedicated to providing 2-ride transit tickets to people in need of Community Services. The mandate of this initiative is to ensure that people who are unable to pay for a transit trip due to financial hardship can get to the appointments and social services they need.

“Niagara Region Transit is working hard to create a sense of integrity and fairness to our fare system. We recognize that to balance the safety of our Operators and passengers while meeting the transportation needs of our community is a complex issue. We look forward to continuing our work at the staff level, and in conjunction with Community Services to ensure transit across Niagara is safe and accessible to everyone.”
~Carla Stout, General Manager

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